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Getting Started: IUB Definitions You Need to Know

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A&H    Courses designated as Arts and Humanities by the College of Arts and Sciences and some other IU Bloomington schools. A&H courses explore the complexity of human experience, human thought and emotion, moral issues, and artistic expression.

AUTH or Authorization   Also called class permissions. An authorization or permission is given to register for a course that is restricted to a certain student population. Authorization/permission is usually obtained by contacting the department offering the course.

Bulletin   A booklet produced by each of IUB's schools. Bulletins include admission and degree requirements, course descriptions, faculty information, departmental policies, etc. "Bulletin" is also another name for the Enrollment and Student Academic Information booklet produced for each semester.

Campus Access Card   This card is issued by IUB's Campus Card Services and can be used as a photo ID, library card, and residence hall meal/debit card. It can also be used for other services, such as copy machines and laundry facilities. Some restaurants and stores in the Bloomington area accept it as a debit card.

Certification   After you meet admission requirements for or successfully apply to a major, you are admitted to the appropriate school. Your academic records then are transferred from the University Division Records Office to the Records Office of that school.

CGPA   Cumulative grade point average, including grades from IUB and all other IU campuses. Also see GPA. A numeric representation ranging from 0.0 to 4.0 of all grades earned in courses taken at IUB and all other IU campuses.

College   Within IUB, the "College" is an abbreviation for the College of Arts and Sciences. In the broader sense, a college is an institution of higher education.

Co-requisite (C:)   A course that must be taken simultaneously with another course. For example, HPER-P 140 and HPER-P 141 are co-requisites, so they must be taken in the same semester. Also see Pre-requisite and Recommended Pre-requisite.

Course Enrollment Plan or CEP   A form you receive during an academic advising appointment, which lists recommended first choice and alternate classes for the upcoming semester.

Cr. (credit hour) or Unit(s)   A unit earned toward graduation. In most cases, you will need from 120 to 124 credit hours to graduate, depending on your major. Each class is worth a designated number of credit hours, such as English-W 131 (3 cr.). The number of credit hours often indicates the approximate number of hours the class meets each week.

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Degree   On the undergraduate level, students usually receive a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.S. (Bachelor of Science). B.S. degrees usually require more major courses and fewer general education courses.

Enrollment and Student Academic Information   Also called a bulletin. A booklet produced and distributed by the Office of the Registrar before the beginning of semester. It provides general information and registration instructions for the upcoming semester.

FIGs (Freshman Interest Groups)   Groups of 12-20 students, often living in the same residence hall, who enroll in the same two or three academic courses and a 1 credit hour seminar. FIGs are designed with a common interest or theme to enhance the transition from high school to college.

Final exam   Most final exams are held during finals week, which occurs right after the last week of classes. More information about final exams is given in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information bulletin.

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GPA   Grade point average for the semester. Also see CGPA. A numeric representation ranging from 0.0 to 4.0 of the letter grades earned in courses taken in a given semester.

HPER   School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.

HPPLC   Health Professions and PreLaw Center, located in Maxwell Hall 010.

ID   See UID.

IUB   Indiana University Bloomington campus.

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Matriculate   Enroll for the first time as a degree seeking student.

Matriculation date   The date you first enroll on any IU campus as a degree seeking student.

Midterm grades   Grade estimates given by instructors partway through the semester.

N&M   Courses designated as Natural and Mathematical by the College of Arts and Sciences and some other IUB schools. N&M courses explore the physical and biological environment, investigation and research techniques, and mathematical methods.

Network ID (NID)   Your electronic identity at IUB. It consists of two things: a username and a password (also called your network password). You need a Network ID to access IUB email accounts, use IUB computer networks and systems, change your IUB passwords, and perform other computer related tasks.

Oncourse   Oncourse is an online course environment that allows Indiana University faculty and students to create, integrate, use, and maintain Web-based teaching and learning resources.

OneStart   Indiana University's Web portal developed by UITS, presents a single front door to online services for IU faculty, staff, and students. OneStart provides easy access to services such as searching the Web, personal calendaring, registering for classes, reading e-mail, browsing the library catalog, checking the IU Auditorium schedule, reading campus news, browsing the classifieds, and more.

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Prerequisite (P:)   A course or requirement that you must complete before taking another course. For example, PSY-P 101 is the pre-requisite for PSY-P 102, so P 101 must be taken before P 102. Also see Co-requisite and Recommended Pre-requisite.

Recommended Pre-requisite (R:)   A course recommended, though not required, before taking another course. For example, BIOL-L 111 is a recommended pre-requisite for BIOL-L L113, so the Biology Department recommends, rather than requires, that you take L 111 before L113. Also see Co-requisite and Pre-requisite.

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S&H   Courses designated as Social and Historical by the College of Arts and Sciences and some other IUB schools. S&H courses explore social institutions, behavior in social and historical settings, and changes in social conditions.

Schedule of Classes   A list of courses, their meeting times and places, instructors, etc. offered each semester and summer session. Available online through OneStart and on the Office of the Registrar's website.

SCS   School of Continuing Studies.

SIS   Student Information System. This is a new University-wide computing environment for student administration at IU. Some of the key functions of SIS include student recruitment, admissions, records, registration, grades, transcripts, advising, financial aid, student accounts (bursar), and data analysis and reporting of student-related information.

SPEA   School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

UD or UDIV   University Division.

UID (University Identification Number)   The ten digit student identification number assigned when you are accepted to IUB. The UID starts with 000, and is NOT your Social Security Number or the number on your Campus Access Card.

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Waitlist   During a specific enrollment period, a student may waitlist most closed courses. If eligible, the student will be enrolled in the course when an opening occurs. More information about course waitlisting is given in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information bulletin.

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