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Getting Started:

Student's Top Ten Tips for Success at IUB

From the students you met last summer in their role as IUB Orientation Leaders . . . their “Top Ten Tips” for succeeding at IUB:

  1. Keep an open mind to new experiences; try something new, you might like it.
  2. Get involved! It’s the best way to make a big school smaller, less overwhelming, and more personal.
  3. GO TO CLASS! Introduce yourself to your instructors; they are excited about meeting you.
  4. Try to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Learn to manage your time effectively and wisely.
  5. Get outside your comfort zone and take advantage of the diverse opportunities IUB has to offer.
  6. Don’t just hang around with your high school friends. They can still be there for you, but it’s important for you all to make other friends, too. This isn’t “high school, phase two.”
  7. Get involved in a student organization; there are over 400 here.
  8. GET TO KNOW your instructors. Attend their office hours, talk to them outside of class.
  9. Get to know someone whose background is very different from your own.
  10. Take a class for fun. IU offers so many opportunities for studying and exploring subjects you’ve never had the opportunity to take (or have even heard of)!

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